Kinning Cross Blog Part V: What Pressure You Running?

Kinning Cross Blog Part V: What Pressure You Running?

For cross season and the upcoming Kinning Cross League, we asked Glenn Kinning to give us some insight into his own training and provide some tips to those starting, or looking to improve at the discipline. Glenn is the owner Kinning Cycles, Irish MTB Champ, Commonwealth MTB rider and Worlds Cross rider.  

If I had a pound for each time I got asked this, I'd be getting the beers in. Why does it matter what pressure I, or anybody else, is running? Type pressure is a personal choice, it reflects what riding style a rider wants. A heavier rider won’t be able to go to 15psi. A “road man” will probably opt for a slightly higher psi for those gravel or tarmac sections so they can get up to full speed. An MTB rider will opt for more grip and run a lower pressure. It's a case of getting a happy medium.

We haven’t had any mudfests (yet) and pressure can be around 20psi. This then leads to the option of a lighter tread, maybe a file tread run at a lower pressure. Then comes the other option of tubs, aka tubulars. These need tubular-specific rims, three days of gluing and a few extra quid. If you're not already on tubs, ask a few riders that are for their opinion. Pressures can go as low as 15psi with no worry.

My advice is that if you're purchasing wheels, buy local. Not because of price, but for reliability and back up from your local bike shop. Get wheels that take normal spokes. Consider disc brake compatibility. I wore out £2000 wheels in under two seasons and am now thinking about jumping over from cantilever brakes. I'm off to Belgium this week for some racing so keep an eye on out Kinning Cross League Facebook page for updates. 


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Kinning Cross League 16/17
Friday 23 September - Orangefield Park (Floodlit)
Sunday 23 October - Ice Bowl Cross
Sunday 1 January - Hazelbank
Sunday 15 January - Stormont Cross
Check for updated information and race entries.