A Short Photo Guide to Fitting Kid's Face Masks.

A Short Photo Guide to Fitting Kid's Face Masks.

We made our kid's face masks to fit all ages from toddlers to teens. The mask part is tailored for small faces while the ear loops are left long to allow for the widest range of adjustment. The mask is wider than our adult masks as in testing, children found masks terminating at the cheek less comfortable, they are however shallower to suit children's mouth and nose coverage. The photos below show how to quickly achieve a correct fit. (For reference, our Mini Chimp is 4 and uses approximately half the loop). 

Our adult masks are One Size Fits Most, but if you have a smaller/narrower shape face, this same technique may be used to correctly fit your mask. 

1. Size up the loop around your child's ear, marking the place which provides a close but comfortable fit around their face. 


2. Holding this place between your thumb and index finger and tie a simple knot to create the correct size loop for your child. A loose knot can be used first to check fitment.  


3. Voila! A fit tailored to your child's face which they'll keep on when needed. Also maybe tell them they're a ninja now, worked a treat for us.



Thank you to our Dan and his lockdown hair for modelling.