Kinning Cross Blog Pt. II: Training on the easy side of hard?

Kinning Cross Blog Pt. II: Training on the easy side of hard?

In the run up to cross season and the upcoming Kinning Cross League, we asked Glenn Kinning to give us some insight into his own training and provide some tips to those starting, or looking to improve at the discipline. Glenn is the owner Kinning Cycles, Irish MTB Champ, Commonwealth MTB rider and Worlds Cross rider. 

Glenn Kinning Cyclocross Worlds

A coach one said to me that I was training on the easy side of hard. Things changed after that. An extra 10 BPM on the heart rate opened the door to a whole new level of hurt. I train using heart rate, I have my zones worked out, the difference a few beats makes can be a game changer. 
To replicate this in training or on the turbo, I would build up, some times 5, 10, 20 min at around max. Short efforts, but many of them, changing the recover times. In the park on my loop I have a section where I can go hard, harder than a max effort. Learn that there are different levels of going hard.
Mix the efforts up, play with recover times. It should hurt but not kill you…sort of. 

- Glenn Kinning



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Limited Edition Print Series

Our specially commissioned print series for this year's Kinning Cross League, complimenting our leader's jersey design. Alongside this overall series print, we've created artwork for all four rounds inspired by each course's unique features and obstacles. Floodlit night racing, velodrome finishes, beach sections and brutal hill climbs - plenty to look forward to this winter. Also available at each round:

Kinning Cross League 16/17
Friday 23 September - Orangefield Park (Floodlit)
Sunday 23 October - Ice Bowl Cross
Sunday 1 January - Hazelbank
Sunday 15 January - Stormont Cross
Check for updated information and race entries.