Kinning Cross Blog Pt. I: Preparation

Kinning Cross Blog Pt. I: Preparation

In the run up to cross season and the upcoming Kinning Cross League, we asked Glenn Kinning to give us some insight into his own training and provide some tips to those starting, or looking to improve at the discipline. Glenn is the owner Kinning Cycles, Irish MTB Champ, Commonwealth MTB rider and Worlds Cross rider. 

Glenn Kinning

At this stage of the cross season it's all about preparation. The bike, body and mindset. I'm getting stocked up on tubular tyres, checking brake & gear cables, replacing chains and cassettes if need be. Doing little changes to the bike and seeing what works for me. Playing with bar position, seat position chain ring size.

I'm also training in ‘cross mode’. This will change as the cross season progresses. At the moment I'm doing skill based sessions. Working on the weaknesses. Running if needs be, working on boards, working on power. I'll go to a local park and set up a loop that takes 1 min to complete. Have corners to sprint out of and some corners to work on different lines. I do several laps and as the season progresses add volume to this.

At this stage of training I’m trying to enjoy it. Enjoying the light in the evenings, not wearing thermals, not getting muddy not going flat out. Enjoying a few coffee spins with other guys, all on the cross bike.

- Glenn Kinning



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Limited Edition Print Series

Our specially commissioned print series for this year's Kinning Cross League, complimenting our leader's jersey design. Alongside this overall series print, we've created artwork for all four rounds inspired by each course's unique features and obstacles. Floodlit night racing, velodrome finishes, beach sections and brutal hill climbs - plenty to look forward to this winter. Also available at each round:

Kinning Cross League 16/17

Friday 23 September - Orangefield Park (Floodlit)
Sunday 23 October - Ice Bowl Cross
Sunday 1 January - Hazelbank
Sunday 15 January - Stormont Cross
Check for updated information and race entries.