Kinning Cross Blog Pt. III: One week to go

Kinning Cross Blog Pt. III: One week to go

In the run up to cross season and the upcoming Kinning Cross League, we asked Glenn Kinning to give us some insight into his own training and provide some tips to those starting, or looking to improve at the discipline. Glenn is the owner Kinning Cycles, Irish MTB Champ, Commonwealth MTB rider and Worlds Cross rider. 

So with a week to go the panic may be on. But getting prepared at this stage of the week will help on race day. Keep an eye on the forecast; if it’s going to be wet, it’s going to be muddy. If it's muddy, it's best to have two of everything; practice kit and race kit. The difference this makes is great, no standing about in wet clothes waiting on the start when you’re freezing. Get your practice lap done then get changed. Don’t be lingering in wet kit, you will not get heat back into yourself. Have plenty of plastic bags for wet kit.
Bring a good supply of water to wash the bike before the start and for you pit crew. In the past I used large water containers, a portable power washer and a few brushes. Wash your bike before taking it home, if possible. This prolongs the bikes life and makes Monday's service that bit easier. If you have rode the race the previous year think about where the pits are, get your washer and spares to the pits first before parking at the other end of the country. If the forecast says its going to be cold or freezing, then think of racing in long-sleeve, race cap and even warmer gloves. Maybe even a turbo for warm up. 
Get your race day routine sorted. Arrive, sign on, set up, practice, lunch, change kit, watch other races, warm up. Find what works for you and at what times. Work out who you're going with and where to go, allow good time. A good back up crew is essential to making things easier, plus a bit more fun.   

- Glenn Kinning 



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Limited Edition Print Series

Our specially commissioned print series for this year's Kinning Cross League, complimenting our leader's jersey design. Alongside this overall series print, we've created artwork for all four rounds inspired by each course's unique features and obstacles. Floodlit night racing, velodrome finishes, beach sections and brutal hill climbs - plenty to look forward to this winter. Also available at each round:

Kinning Cross League 16/17
Friday 23 September - Orangefield Park (Floodlit)
Sunday 23 October - Ice Bowl Cross
Sunday 1 January - Hazelbank
Sunday 15 January - Stormont Cross
Check for updated information and race entries.