Kinning Cross Blog Part VI: Horses for Courses.

Kinning Cross Blog Part VI: Horses for Courses.

For cross season and the upcoming Kinning Cross League, we asked Glenn Kinning to give us some insight into his own training and provide some tips to those starting, or looking to improve at the discipline. Glenn is the owner Kinning Cycles, Irish MTB Champ, Commonwealth MTB rider and Worlds Cross rider.  

"It's not a proper cross course" is something that pops up now and again. We had Larne last week; 99% grass, a few corners and a lot of pedalling. The club tried to take the full advantage of what they had. A road mans course? This week it's Ormeau park and a lot will say it's a mountain bike course. If this is the case, then why not adapt some single track sections into training? A good cross rider should be able to apply themselves to any course and get the best out of themselves. Cyclocross is booming at present, but it was the clubs that ran races in these venues that established the sport it is today. 

If you're aiming to do the full season then you'll have to adapt to the conditions and course styles. This comes down to planning. If a course doesn't suit, perhaps skip it and train. Keep the right mindset instead of slipping a few places. Consider that the end of season races will be as muddy as the openers are fast and dry. A sit down with a calendar and a pen can work wonders, keep a note of all training spins. When things start going well look back at the notes, when things go badly, try to work out what's wrong. Coaching for racing in Ireland is money wasted in my opinion. Most guys will share tips and training plans, or even go for a spin. That's just the cyclocross community. A season use to be 6 races. This year we have 10+, a full season over the holidays and not a big gap to the National Champs. It's hard to keep a top end fitness for four months, so think when you want to peak or what races suit your style. Also consider those brownie points... 

- Glenn Kinning


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Our specially commissioned print series for this year's Kinning Cross League, complimenting our leader's jersey design. Alongside this overall series print, we've created artwork for all four rounds inspired by each course's unique features and obstacles. Floodlit night racing, velodrome finishes, beach sections and brutal hill climbs - plenty to look forward to this winter. By popular request this series is now available as a full set at a special price. Also available at each round:

Kinning Cross League 16/17
Friday 23 September - Orangefield Park (Floodlit)
Sunday 23 October - Ice Bowl Cross
Sunday 1 January - Hazelbank
Sunday 15 January - Stormont Cross
Check for updated information and race entries.